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Balustrades Infills

Unique Balustrading creates designer balustrade infills for your home or property in Western Australia.

We dedicate ourselves to your vision, delivering sophisticated solutions and premium service from initial consultation to final installation.

Understanding Balustrade Infills

Balustrade infill panels are used to finish boundary walls, balconies, gates, and staircases. Custom balustrade infills add a unique, artistic touch to your property while functioning as safe and secure barriers.


Balustrade infills present an array of stylistic opportunities, as there is no singular definition of how balustrade infills must look, only that they comply with Australian safety standards.


Premium Balustrade Infill Solutions

Balustrade Infills allow sunlight and the breeze to pass through while still marking a boundary, making them a magnificent alternative to glass panels. 

The material versatility of balustrade infills make them an ideal architectural solution for organic curves or sharp corners.

In our experience, the minimalist, rustic, and down-to-earth styles that balustrade infills can bring are highly desirable for large properties and homes in the hills or along the coast.


Stunning Balustrade Infill Options

Laser Cut Balustrade Infill Panels

Homeowners choose Laser Cut Balustrade Infills for their sophistication and distinct design elements. Laser Cut Infill Panels incorporate artistically rendered patterns such as organic or geometric designs that are scalable for different size applications or to fit with existing balustrade systems. Using premium, weatherproof materials, our Laser Cut Balustrade Infill Panels will bring elegance to your sanctuary. 

Metal Balustrade Infills

Metal Balustrade Infills are modern and versatile, working with traditional balustrade systems or independently standing without a frame. Unique Balustrading offers Powder-Coated Aluminium Balustrade Infills and Stainless Steel Balustrade Infills. Designed in perfect sync with your vision, we guarantee our Metal Balustrade Infill options will elevate the uniqueness of your property. 

Our Gallery

Balustrade Infill Perth

As Perth’s preeminent balustrade designers, Unique Balustrading offers superior service and expert touch when bringing your balustrade infill ideas to life. 

We consult extensively with you to determine your requirements and the needs of the space; we then design your balustrade infills and custom-manufacture them to the finest detail. Unique Balustrading always ensures a smooth and efficient installation, coordinated with your schedule and completed with professionalism.

Quality Service Meets Affordable Balustrade Value

View our high-end balustrade infill work in the gallery below and contact us to receive a free quote for your balustrade vision.