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Glass is generally pretty low maintenance compared to most other household materials, but you’ll want to clean your glass balustrade regularly to avoid grime, dust, fingerprints and general stains.

Cleaning the glass is simple. All you need is a soft cloth and a mild detergent or liquid soap. It’s recommended that you steer clear of any specific glass cleaners, unless they come strongly recommended by a trusted professional. Most glass cleaners are made from chemicals that can damage the glass over time. We think cleaning your glass with a mild detergent is a better option.

Once you’ve cleaned the entire panel, be sure to wipe away any residual detergent with a soft cloth and clean water.

Let the glass air dry for a bit, then with a microfibre cloth go over the entire surface of each panel to remove any remaining water spots. Make sure the cloth is clean and doesn’t contain any particles or pieces of filament that could scratch the glass as you dry.

We advise Never to use strong or abrasive cleaners and detergents on glass. Avoid solvents, alcohol based cleaning products or ones with high acidity. All can damage the glass and reduce the clean aesthetic look that a glass balustrade provides.