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Glass Balustrades

By complementing the architecture and style of your home, a glass balustrade will provide a sleek look outdoors and a touch of elegance inside your sanctuary.

Unique Balustrading provides stunning glass balustrading options to suit your vision, from framed glass balustrades to frameless balustrades and custom selections of glass finishings and fixings.

Premium Glass Balustrades Perth

Perth’s temperate weather, open homes, and beautiful landscapes are perfect for glass balustrades. In Perth glass balustrading suits staircases, balconies, landings, and more. At Unique Balustrading, we produce high-end glass balustrade designs with premium finishings and gorgeous Australian materials. 

When you engage our premium design services, our designers will enact your glass balustrade vision down to the last detail. We meet with you to assess your needs and the needs of the space, devising attractive glass balustrading options for your sanctuary.


Framed Glass Balustrade

The benefits of a framed glass balustrade include increased strength and security and lower installation costs. Fully framed glass balustrades often incorporate a handrail, bottom rail, and stanchion supports using stunning stainless steel or powder-coated aluminium. 

Glass framed balustrades offer a contemporary feel and will suit both established homes and newer architecture. Framed balustrades are ideal for balconies, decking, and staircases, as the glass will open up the space. In contrast, the frame provides a visual balance, appealing to the familiarity of a window or picture frame.

Framed glass balustrades are highly cost-effective, as the integrity provided by the frame means thinner glass, and the modular design allows for faster installation.


Frameless Glass Balustrade

In Perth frameless glass balustrades are a premium style choice that will set your home apart. Frameless glass balustrading offers a modern look with clean lines and sharp edges, which will suit the inside and outside of your abode.  

For homeowners with a view, frameless glass balustrading brings those stunning sights further into your sanctuary. When seen from the outside, frameless glass balustrading is practically invisible, emphasising the stunning architecture of your home. The easy maintenance and cleaning of glass balustrades adds a touch of convenience to their beauty. 

At Unique Balustrading, we specialise in creating flawless frameless glass balustrades for WA clients. Using your ideas, we create artistically engineered designs with options such as a fixed handrail or handrail-free glass balustrade. In addition, we custom-make stainless steel spigot mounts and standoff fittings to suit your preferences.


Refined Balustrade Glass Designs

Balcony Glass Balustrade

A glass balustrade for the balcony will bring pristine views of the beach, untouched hills, or vibrant city life into your home. Balcony glass balustrades are popular for multi-story homes and look stunning on rooftop entertainment areas. 

Decking Glass Balustrade

A deck is incomplete without the perfect balustrades. Glass balustrades for decking are the finishing touch your home deserves and will protect your viewing freedom while you enjoy your outdoor areas.

Glass Balustrades for Stairs

Inside the home, a glass balustrade staircase opens the space, creating a lightweight look between floors and landings. A staircase with glass balustrading is timelessly modern and will impress for years to come.

Custom Glass Balustrades Perth

At Unique Balustrading, we prioritise your vision and provide you with high-end custom options for glass balustrading in Perth.

Glass Balustrade Panels

Balustrade glass panels are sections of glass that are mounted to form balustrading. Glass balustrade panels can be customised and stylised with options such as frosted glass and tinted glass. View our tinted glass balustrade work in the project gallery.

Glass Balustrade Handrail

There are two main types of glass balustrade handrails. Integrated glass handrails sit atop the glass panels and cohesively form part of the balustrading. Mounted glass handrails run along the inside of the balustrade, secured with brackets and standoff fixings. Each type of handrail for glass balustrades has a particular aesthetic appeal.

Our Gallery

Unique Balustrading Design Services

We take your ideas and incorporate our extensive experience to craft eye-catching glass balustrades with perfect installation at your abode. We ensure a smooth, high-end balustrade experience for our clients from design to manufacture and delivery to installation.

Quality Service Meets Affordable Balustrade Value

Unique Balustrading provides free glass balustrading quotes. Please contact us today to receive yours and to hear about the complementary services we offer you as part of the Unique Balustrading touch.